"Hey Jude...The Tribute" is a top-flight, five piece group that plays high- quality, exciting, exacting renditions of songs written and performed by The Beatles spanning their entire decade together. 

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Hey Jude...The Tribute - Promotional Video - Live at the Wood Theater

"Hey Jude...The Tribute" showcases 4 Beatles Tribute Artists plus keyboards, (including percussion, hand claps, sound effects).
All songs are performed with the precision of the studio matched with the energy of the live environment to give the audience the best of both worlds.  Shows feature authentic costumes and instruments. 

All dialogue in the show is designed to encourage the audience to sing, clap, and join in on hitting all the high notes. The music takes the audience on an enjoyable and energetic Musical Mystery Tour touching on hit songs and album tracks alike pleasing Beatles fans of all tastes. 

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